Hey, I'm Matt, I'm a 27 year old software engineer and this website is about me. (really complicated, I know. Try and keep up.)

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21 August 06 - 20:06How to Drink Alone

Bored? Sad? Got a little time to kill? Well, if you follow my simple steps, soon you'll be able to try and fill that void inside you with the only thing that really matters. Booze!

Step 1: Get a big empty glass

pint glass


Matthew - How To - seven comments - §

13 August 06 - 20:53Albany (again)

I went to Albany this weekend (on the bike).  I left straight from work Friday so I could get there in time to see Steve's band (The Outnumbered) play at Saratoga winners.  Oh wait, before I get too far with that, here's why I like Rt 2.  

Deerfield River... somewhere around Charlemont, MA


Matthew - stuff that happened - four comments - §

07 August 06 - 21:47Holy Old Picture Batman!

A friend of mine from High School just mailed me this.

A long time ago.

I think thats on Cape Cod (Dennisport) in 1998.  The late 90s were a cruel time for ironic fashion.  I don't remember where that hat is, but I remember buying it at the Salvation Army because it was absolutely fucking hideous.  Its some famous italian brand too.  Can't remember what, nor can I find said hat.  Ah well, I think its for the best.

Matthew - blast from the past - eight comments - §