Hey, I'm Matt, I'm a 27 year old software engineer and this website is about me. (really complicated, I know. Try and keep up.)

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29 October 07 - 21:18Germany 5.3: Castles on the Rhine

Ok, this is the last castle.   I swear. (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - fifteen comments - §

29 October 07 - 20:18Germany 5.2: Castles on the Rhine

And now for something completely different. (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - nine comments - §

22 October 07 - 22:34Germany 5.1: Castles on the Rhine

On Thursday, Kristine and I took the Bimmer and made out west from Wiesbaden towards a stretch of the Rhine that is just laced with castles.  Literally there was a castle almost everywhere you looked.  Some of them ruins, some of them restored to be hotels or hostels, and some lucky ones that were historically pretty accurate. (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - eleven comments - §

19 October 07 - 20:15Germany 4: Heidelberg

On Tuesday, Kristine and I took the train to Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a lucky little city that avoided being flattened during WW2 via some long, complicated and poorly told anecdote I read on a menu at a cafe there. Heidelberg boasts a quaint, "Altstadt" (historical city center), a castle overlooking the town, and the oldest university in Germany (est. 1386). (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - 58 comments - §

16 October 07 - 22:22Germany 3: Triberg and the Black Forest

After partially recovering from our non-trivial Oktoberfest hangovers, Kristine, Javier and I jumped in the bimmer and Autobahn'ed further south to Triberg. Triberg is nestled in the foothills of the alps at the edge of the famous Black Forest. Its a quaint little town whose claim to fame is Germany's tallest waterfall and many, many coo-coo-clocks for sale. (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - ten comments - §

16 October 07 - 21:40Germany 2: Stuttgart

Stuttgart Germany is famous for lots of things.  Its the capital of the state Baden-Wurttemberg in southern Germany.  Its Germany's sixth largest city.  Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach are all made nearby.  Its got a castle and opera houses and a rich history stretching back 1000 years.  But I didn't see any of that crap.  I went to Oktoberfest!!! (more)

Matthew - stuff that happened - ten comments - §

16 October 07 - 21:04Germany 1: Overall

I just got back from over a week visiting Kristine and Javier in Weisbaden Germany. While I was there, we did a lot of sightseeing, I went to Oktoberfest at Stuttgart, the Black Forest, Heidelberg, toured castles on the Rhine and visited Cologne. I can't possibly fit everything into a single blog entry, so I'm going to try and take my trip day by day and update the blog when I can. This first entry will be a sort of dumping ground for random things I found interesting but which don't quite fit into any of the day trips.


Matthew - stuff that happened - ten comments - §