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06 February 08 - 18:15Scotch

Fictitious anchorman Ron Burgundy once sang a song that went something like:

"scotch, scotch, scotch
I like scotch, down in my belly."

Well Ron, I like scotch too.


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16 December 07 - 09:27bachelors

I always joke with people about how Ian and I are such bachelors. (the hopelessly dude-like kind, not the limp-wristed "confirmed bachelor" types) (more)

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16 October 06 - 19:48this is too good

This picture is too good for me not to include here for posterity.

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08 October 06 - 19:20Oooh, what is it?!?!?

What do we have here?  The surface of a distant moon?  




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